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Man Chopped in Toledo After Fight

Man Chopped in Toledo After Fight

The violent nature of the weekend extended to southern Belize where a man was chopped in Toledo District. He is Benancio Pop, the victim of an armed assault in San Marcos village after he had engaged in an altercation with another individual earlier that evening. We asked A.C.P Hilberto Romero for more information and he told us that Pop is in a stable condition.

A.C.P Hilberto Romero, Regional Commander, Eastern Division

“On Saturday first of June 2024, around eleven thirty p.m. police responded to a report of a chopping at San Marcos Village in the toledo district. Upon your well, they found Benancio Pop with chop wounds to the body. He was taken to the Punta hospital where he is presently in a stable condition.  Investigation revealed that been had an altercation with one Jorge Mocu in San Marcos. Mocu inflicted the chop wounds to him. Mocu is in custody and will be charged today.”


“The two knew each other before the fire?”

Hilberto Romero

“Yes, they knew each other.“

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