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Man Almost Loses Life Over Mechanic Tools  

Chester Williams

Man Almost Loses Life Over Mechanic Tools  

A Belize City man is wanted for aggravated assault after allegedly pulling a gun during an altercation. Thirty-three-year-old James Nunez told police that he was on his property when four individuals exited a black Isuzu Rodeo and began threatening him. Nunez says one of the persons attempted to steal some car parts from him and left some tools behind. That individual returned to retrieve the tools and reportedly punched Nunez in the face several times. Nunez told police that he pulled out a knife to defend himself. That is when his attacker allegedly pulled out a gun and pointed it at him. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams told us more.


Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

“The report is that the victim was saying he was in front of his home sitting on a bucket and he was approached by two persons or three in a black rodeo. One, Randy August alighted the vehicle and approached him and inquired about some tool that he may have left at the victim’s garage while he was trying to steal some parts from some vehicle. So he came back for the tools. He and the victim had an exchange during which the victim took out a knife to defend himself and Randy told the girl that was with him to get the gun out of the vehicle. The gun was retrieved and the victim eventually ran and made a call to the police. Police responded and the Rodeo was intercepted. But Randy August and another person had escaped. I am not sure if he has been caught by police but certainly if and when he is caught it is a matter for the police to look at for aggravated assault.”


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