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Lindbert Flowers was Murdered

Chester Williams

Lindbert Flowers was Murdered

Police confirmed today that fifty-nine-year-old Linbert Flowers was murdered. He was stabbed to death by another man on Monday morning in Belize City. At the time, police were not sure how Flowers died. But, subsequent investigations revealed that he had been stabbed several times over an affair he was having with a woman.


Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police
“We have sent the statements and what we have to the DPP.  The DPPs are waiting the postmortem examination. We have confirmed that he was stabbed by someone inside the house. Another man inside the house. And so based on the evidence that we have at this time, the person, the other man, as well as the lady, were released from custody pending the postmortem, at which time the DPP will be able to give us a statement a definitive answer if we’re going to charge and if yes, what the charge is going to be.”

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