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Lemonal, Bermudan Landing, and Doublehead Cabbage Residents Feuding

Chester Williams

Lemonal, Bermudan Landing, and Doublehead Cabbage Residents Feuding

As you heard from the Commissioner, there is an ongoing rivalry between residents of three villages in the Belize Rural Valley area. He says that efforts are being made to quell the feud among those groups. However, police are getting resistance from residents of Lemonal Village. Commissioner Williams also criticized the woman supporting the feud.


Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

“Yesterday we, we also had  intervention with the villagers from Lemonal and Doublehead Cabbage and during that intervention session, a lot of information was shared in respect to what caused the beef and what can be done to resolve the beef.  A number of the key players from the Lemonal fraction were absent. And so we could not have had the intervention in such a way that we believe the matter could  be brought to an end. And so we have reserved this coming Thursday  to go back to Ladyville and invite the different players to come to the table for us to have a more better intervention with the input of more of the players from Lemonal Village.  While we try to do this, we, we still see that a number of  persons from Lemonal  continue to go on social media and are instigating violence.  I don’t think that is going to add, it’s going to make the situation any better. And in some cases we’re seeing where the violence is being pushed by women. And in some cases, mothers of these young men who are involved in these ongoing, feud. Now, as parents,  I would want to think that you would be more responsible and, uh, would try to guide your child or your children to act civil  and not to be involved in these type of activities. But when we see that parents are  involved to the extent of  riling up  the children to  behave  in an uncivil way, then it makes you wonder what kind of parent they are.”



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