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Leader of the Opposition Criticizes PM for “Failed” SOE

Shyne Barrow

Leader of the Opposition Criticizes PM for “Failed” SOE

Meanwhile, the Leader of the Opposition, Moses “Shyne” Barrow has slammed the government, and more directly the prime minister, for what he calls an ineffective state of emergency. Today, Barrow pointed to murders that have happened while the S.O.E. has been in place.  Barrow also blasts PM John Briceño as chair of the National Security Commission, which he also believes has been ineffective when it comes to fighting crime.


Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition

“I don’t recall over the last 15 years at least that there has ever been a situation where the government has declared a state of emergency and we have had this amount of murder take place. I’d like to quote, the learned or some would say unlearned Prime Minister John Briceno. It is apparent that our government has no real solution to solving crime. Nowhere was this more evident than in this was during the UDP era when the Government declared a state of emergency on the people of the south side of Belize City, which did not result in any lasting peace. The sad, tragic irony of this is under the state of emergency, I believe, the first day or day after the state of emergency was declared, we had a murder. The Minister of Police is failing. We have been saying that for the last three years, the prime minister as the chair of the National Security Commission is failing. The fact of the matter is since the government, the PUP government declared a state of emergency, we’ve had more murders than I believe at any time that the state of emergency has been declared.”


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