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Key Witness in Bladen 12 Void Dire Testifies

Key Witness in Bladen 12 Void Dire Testifies

The Head of the Prosecutions Branch, Alifa Elrington called her ninth witness to the stand today in the Bladen twelve trial. Several of the twelve men accused of facilitating the land of a suspect drug plane in southern Belize are claiming that they were physically abused by police while in their custody. As a result, the court is currently undertaking a void dire, what is commonly known as a trial within a trial, to determine the validity of the men’s claims and the admissibility of their caution statements. It is an issue that will determine the trajectory of this case, and with ten witnesses set to take the stand, it is almost at its conclusion. News Five’s Paul Lopez reports.


Paul Lopez, Reporting

Police Corporal Radro Muschamp, attached to the GI3 Unit in Punta Gorda Town testified before the court today in the Bladen twelve trial. Muschamp told the court that he was at home on the night of November fourth when he received information that led him and three other police officers to Bladen Village. He says they made a stop in Indian Creek Village and walked about half a mile along a dead-end dirt road. There they reportedly came across a white Toyota Hilux. According to Corporal Muschamp, two men exited the vehicle, Moses Perez, and Armando Martinez both farmers from Ranchito Village in the Corozal District.


They are currently standing trial in this matter. Corporal Muschamp testified saying that Perez immediately confessed to them that he was there to help a friend he knew as Ferguson in a plane landing.Muschamp testified that Perez was repeatedly cautioned as he continued to say that he was there to help a police officer he identified as a Ferguson. He also told the court that Perez told them that he brought eight men to the area, including Ferguson, two other police men and a Mexican.


Corporal Muschamp says that Perez also told them that the plane’s cargo was left along the Golden Stream Village riverbank and that he was willing to lead them to it. A search was later conducted in the area, but nothing was found. This afternoon, attorney Richard Dickie Bradley crossed examined Corporal Muschamp. In the ongoing void dire, the defense is claiming that several of the defendants were beaten or threatened while in police custody following the discovery and seizure of the plane, and that their caution statements are inadmissible as a result. Attorney Bradley was not able to complete his cross examination before the court adjourned. But, he asserts that Corporal Muschamp is the officer accused of inflicting injuries upon the men.


Richard “Dickie” Bradley

              Richard “Dickie” Bradley

Richard “Dickie” Bradley, Attorney- At- Law

“This is an important witness. The allegation made against him by some of the defendants is that he is the one beating, he kicked, stumped, beat them bad. I will not release the photographs and medical papers. I will speak to attorney Banner about this matter. But this is more than just this case. If the allegations are true, we cant proceed this way. When somebody says something to the police or they write something incriminating themselves that is important evidence. The law in our country is that you cannot use anything obtained from an accused if he was threatened, promised anything, coerced and worse if he was beaten or tortured. The law is very clear on that matter. The judges from when all my hair was black they always upheld that important principle. When you say somebody agree to give a caution statement they might not know what is a caution statement. A caution statement is yo the sink yo self. So, it is important. This officer is accused of doing things he should not have done.”


Paul Lopez

“It appears that all he have said an written is contrary to the allegations being raised by these accused?”


Richard “Dickie” Bradley

“Well if you have been around the block and hang around Wagner’s lane and the street side, as I said in court, no police ever ever come to court and say yes your honor I kick ah eena ih mouth, I kick out ih teeth, dah me burn ih testicles, never, never, never. So we are not gullible. He will come and say that. Why did he give them water? The man seh he gives them water to wash ih face because he was under blood. No mark deh pan ih farrid. They have pictures. Deh nuh beat deh self. A man batty buss right up, he nuh beat himself. In fact, when they went to court just two or three days afterwards they made the complaint and showed the matter and the police had taken them to hiospital. Does anybody ever just get up and tell the police, oh guess what happen, dah me mih the off load the plane and mister so and so help me. People act like that? My bway if you the deal with cartel and you open your mouth you gwen dah burying ground. Nobody does that.  That stupid mein.”


Reporting for News Five, I am Paul Lopez.

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