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“Kaya Fi Di Alberts”  

Kaya Cattouse

“Kaya Fi Di Alberts”  

Belize City Councilor Kaya Cattouse has officially declared her candidacy for the Albert constituency. Cattouse has been serving as a city councilor for the past three terms. She took to social media today to say quote, “over the past four years, I have witnessed the challenges facing the Albert Constituency, and I’m more determined than ever to lead us back to our blue roots.  Together, we can ensure a P.U.P. victory and pave the way for a better quality of life for all Albert residents by uniting under the P.U.P. banner and ensuring that no one is left behind”, unquote. Cattouse is the only P.U.P. hopeful to date that has publicly declared her interest to run in the Albert Division. If another person chooses to submit their standard bearer application, then the party will certainly have to decide whether they will endorse a candidate or hold a convention. The P.U.P.’s deadline for application submission is at the end of May. We will continue to follow.

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