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JUNT Advocates for Tax Reform

Nadia Caliz

JUNT Advocates for Tax Reform

The Joint Union Negotiation Team is also advocating for significant tax reforms. According to Nadia Caliz, the Belize National Teachers Union President, some businessmen are evading taxes by declaring items as zero-rated. She contended that middle- and low-income families are bearing the brunt of taxes in Belize.


Nadia Caliz, National President, B.N.T.U.

“During our discussion with government today They were happy that they brought certain things to their attention and they asked for us to spend some time to go back and discuss these things, but at the same time they have already been working on tax reform and so when we meet again with them, they will present to us what it is that they have been doing and what they will do to address the things we have brought to their attention. One of the key things brought to their attention in the area of tax evasion let me talk about that one is we have importers bringing in furniture and different things from across the border and then using receipts that say ramen noodle and ramen is a zero rated, tax free you don’t have to pay taxes on that and that is not fair to the Belizean people any at all.”

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