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Joseph Budna is Arrested and Charged for Cyber Bullying

Joseph Budna

Joseph Budna is Arrested and Charged for Cyber Bullying

Orange Walk Police have arrested and charged Joseph Budna for the crime of cyber bullying.  As we reported on Friday, Budna, a well-known figure who has had several brushes with the law, was wanted in connection with a complaint made against him.  It is alleged that he used a social media platform to torment Orange Walk North Area Representative Ramon ‘Monchi’ Cervantes.  Budna was arraigned in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court on Monday and was granted bail in the sum of one thousand dollars.  He has once again taken to social media in an attempt to clear his name.


Joseph Budna, Charged for Cyber Bullying

“I’ve been through a lot, believe it or not.  I‘ve been locked down in Belize City after eating a barbecue by the GI3 unit‘s personnel who deal with gang members, as if I was a gang member.  I was taken to the Queen Street Police Station by the GI3 unit that deals with gangs and then I was locked down at the Raccoon Street Police Station.  I told them, you know what, I went into Belmopan Cyber Crime Unit to report this guy, Anthony Tillett.  I did report him and I have an official statement that I gave to them about it and they have taken my statement and they are working on that with their Guatemalan counterparts.  I left the station and one of them tried to grab me and I did not allow them to do so until I consulted my attorney and that officer did not place me under arrest.  So he could not say that I escaped from lawful custody.  No, I did not.  So I contacted many persons and after I contacted many persons, this happened on Friday, folks.  Let me give you exactly what happened.  On Friday, I visited Belmopan and I went to Cyber Crime Unit and I gave a statement against Anthony Tillett and I also managed to take a picture of that statement which later on I might be sharing if anything.  But I took a picture of that and also what happened is that thereafter I left the station and these two police officers from Cyber Crime were acting very suspiciously and I don‘t know exactly what they were up to.  So I left them and they didn‘t say you are under arrest or we place you under arrest.  I left and I went and thereafter, I heard that they wanted to talk to me.  So I called and I got the inspector’s number Inspector Juan Garcia from Cyber Crime.  I contacted him and he said mein, we neva mi wahn arrest you, we just mih wahn talk to you concerning the report that the chairman of Chan Pine Ridge Village made against you that you accused di man that ih assault unu, you and the reporter for Estereo Amor.”

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