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Jorge Lozano Fatally Shot in Belize City

Jorge Lozano

Jorge Lozano Fatally Shot in Belize City

Police in Belize City continue to investigate the shooting murder of thirty-eight-year-old Jorge Lozano. On Friday night, Lozano was heading home on Madam Liz Avenue when he was targeted. He was shot several times and rushed to the K.H.M.H. where he died the following day. Police say that they have a possible motive but no suspects. News Five’s Hipolito Novelo reports


Hipolito Novelo reporting

Thirty-eight-year-old Jorge Lozano was shot several times on Friday night. At around six o’clock, Lozano was on his way home on Madam Liz Avenue and as he approached the front gate the gunman pounced, firing a barrage of bullets at Lozano.


Hilberto Romero

Hilberto Romero

ACP Hilberto Romero, Regional Commander, Eastern Division

“Investigation revealed that Lozano was at the street when a white car pulled out. A male person then fired several shots at his direction, causing his fatal injuries. No suspects at this time.”


Lozano was rushed to the hospital where he fought for his life. He died on Saturday morning. Investigators say Lozano is known to police and his murder might be gang related.


ACP Hilberto Romero
“Yes, we have dealt with him in the past and the investigation at this time continues as we have no suspects at this time.



“But do you believe that it is somehow gang related?


 ACP Hilberto Romero

“Probably it is something to that effect.”


Following, Lozano’s murder, police received information of retaliation. As such, some of the victim’s relatives were detained for forty eight hours.


ACP Hilberto Romero

“There was some threat of retaliation and so we took some action to prevent any retaliation regarding this murder.”


Lozano became the second to last person to be murdered in 2023. Reporting for News Five, I am Hipolito Novelo.


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