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Is There Transparency and Democracy at City Hall?

Shyne Barrow

Is There Transparency and Democracy at City Hall?

Referring to the letter sent to Mayor Wagner by the majority councilors, the Leader of the Opposition also says that transparency and democracy are also being called into question, based on the unilateral decision to appoint Vaughn as the new city administrator.


Shyne Barrow, Leader of the Opposition

“I do believe that when six councilors, that is the majority, that is the letter that I saw, six councilors object to Mr. Vaughn.  I think that speaks volumes as to where they are as far as transparency, as far as democracy and having the majority have a say and what that reflects is a dictatorship.  So di boss seh, Briceno di boss seh, goh with Vaughn cause da Vaughn is team us and we wah run over everybody else.  That’s what it seems like to me when six councilors, I mean, my goodness. But again, why am I complaining because for us it’s good.  Albert Vaughn is going to be a disaster at City Hall.  But again, that’s selfish.  The citizens, the only reason I am commenting, for the residents of Belize City it will be a disaster.  And so, my political selfishness aside, I prefer that someone be there that actually does good.  Again, maybe I am not a conventional politician, but I actually want the government to succeed.  I want the municipal bodies to succeed regardless of their political affiliation because that benefit’s the people of Belize.”

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