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Is Party Politics in ComPol Williams’ Future?

Chester Williams

Is Party Politics in ComPol Williams’ Future?

There is no political future in sight for Commissioner of Police Chester Williams.  That’s what he told reporters on Wednesday.  According to the top cop, who has locked horns with Opposition Leader Shyne Barrow recently, he is focusing on reducing crime in the country.


Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

“I have never once said that I am running for politics.  I have only said that I was contemplating, and to think of something is not wrong, contrary to what my good friend, Mr. Mose Hyde said, that once I start to think, I must resign.  If that be the case then I don’t think some of you would be here if you’re thinking about not being here.  We have to think, we are creatures of thinking and so, yes, to think of my future, in terms of what I believe is best for me and my country, I don’t think it’s wrong to do that.  And if I believe that I can better serve this country in a political manner then I will do that, but at this time, I am focused on my duties as a police officer and as the Commissioner of Police to see what I can do along with my officers to continue to decrease crime in this country and to make our country as safe as we can.  But if the gentleman from Mesop continues to poke the bear then the bear might just likely give him what he wants.”

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