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Inmates Complain of Sexual Harassment Behind Bars  

Richard “Dickie” Bradley

Inmates Complain of Sexual Harassment Behind Bars  

Tonight, three Belize City men were provided full disclosure for a 2023 murder. Today, two of the three men told the court that they had been sexually harassed while in prison. To make matters worse, they say they have not been afforded legal representation. The sitting magistrate told the men that she would further address the matter on their next court date, May third, if the situation has not improved. One of the men who says he has been sexually violated sought legal advice from Attorney Richard “Dickie” Bradley in court today. Here’s what he had to say.


Richard “Dickie” Bradley, Attorney

“What he has said to me is a frightening and disturbing matter, and I will take it up directly with the chief executive officer of the prison department, and then thereafter, I will be able to give you more details, but this is a very, very serious matter, and we can’t allow that kind of thing to be happening. Three persons appeared in the magistrate court today.  For which the others are nodding in support of the complaint. That person has asked in court if he could be removed from where he is in the prison because he’s been sexually assaulted. It’s a very serious matter.”


Prison C.E.O. Virgilio Murillo told News Five that he is not aware of the allegations.

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