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Improved Security Systems Coming to Belize  

Osmond Martinez

Improved Security Systems Coming to Belize  

The Ministry of Economic Development is currently in the process of implementing several projects that aim to increase the quality of living in the country. One of those projects includes improved security systems across the country. Through funding from CABEI, the ministry is seeking to build half a dozen police stations in specific areas across the country. We spoke with the C.E.O. of the Ministry of Economic Development, Doctor Osmond Martinez for more details.


Dr. Osmond Martinez, C.E.O., Ministry of Economic Development

“Under the resilient rural police program, which is under CABEI, presently we are in the process of building six police stations. So, one of the police stations will be in Santa Elena, the other one in Belmopan, the third one in Caye Caulker, the fourth one in Belize City, the fifth one in San Narciso, and the sixth one in Bella Vista Village in the southern part of the country. And the aim is to start the buildings or to have groundbreaking by July of this year. Presently the consultants are doing the feasibility studies and they have completed the feasibilities for the first three polling stations, which is Santa Elena, a Belmopan and Bella Vista. The second project under that same under that same bank, CABEI is the citizen security project, which is it will be the phase two of the surveillance camera, which will have an integrated system to an E-nine-one-one system, but at the same time, we will integrate everything into a system where it will have an AI component. And we will be able to collect the data, especially for the police department and the police department is the one who will manage the data and also use it as a way of preventing crime.”


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