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Hofius to Close Down After 132 Years in Belize

Hofius to Close Down After 132 Years in Belize

The closure of heritage stores in the downtown area of Belize City always grabs public attention because of the rich history that these businesses have, as well as the many experiences that customers share, either traveling to or simply enjoying the sights and sounds of busy Saturday mornings in the Old Capital.  So when word got around this morning that Hofius was shuttering its business, there were more questions than answers regarding the unforeseen announcement, after all the store has remained a fixture in the downtown seen since 1892.  We begin our newscast tonight with a brief look at the legacy of the company as it prepares to go out of business.  Here’s News Five’s Isani Cayetano.


Isani Cayetano, Reporting

Another of the oldest department stores in downtown Belize City is preparing to wind down its business in the months ahead.  Since opening its doors to the Belizean public in 1892, Hofius Ltd. has endured as a well-known establishment and landmark on Albert Street.  In fact, it was founded by Otto Hofius and Curt Hildebrandt almost one hundred and thirty-two years ago.  In 1914, the business became known as Hofius Hardware Company Ltd., before becoming Hofius Ltd.  The store remained in the Hofius family until 1960.



Earlier today, it was announced that a decision had been taken by shareholders of the company to close its doors to retail and wholesale business by midyear.  This brings to an end almost a century and a half of dedicated service to Belizean consumers.  While News Five understands that the property, a prime piece of real estate in the downtown area, will eventually be placed on the market, we note that parking on Albert Street remains an issue for motorists.  The Belize City Council has implemented the use of parking meters along that stretch and while it has proven convenient to some, it has deterred others from shopping in that area.



In a release issued by the company earlier today, it expressed gratitude to its employees who have, quote, remained as the backbone of the company for so long, end quote.  Hofius also thanked its loyal customers, as well as other proprietors in the business community on Albert Street and downtown Belize City.  The pending closure of Hofius makes it the third prominent company on Albert Street, including Augusto Quan, to go out of business in recent years. Isani Cayetano for News Five.

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