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High Speed Police Chase and Shootout in Hattieville

Hilberto Romero

High Speed Police Chase and Shootout in Hattieville

A high-speed police chase on the Burrell Boom Road led to a shootout between police and a group of men. Police officers had erected a checkpoint on the George Price Highway after receiving information that there were individuals onboard a public bus carrying a firearm. Officers later set chase after a white Geo Prism sought to evade the checkpoint. The vehicle reportedly made an abrupt stop near the Belize Central Prison. One person exited the car and began shooting at the officers. The officers immediately returned fire, says ACP Hilberto Romero. 


A.C.P. Hilberto Romero, Regional Commander, Eastern Division

“Hattieville Police were pursuing a white car on the Boom road. Somewhere along the prison area the car stopped and a male person came out the car firing shots towards the police mobile. There was an exchange of gun fire and thereafter the person got back into the car and they fled from the area. Police continued to chase and lost the vehicle somewhere on the Boom bridge area. The police vehicle received damages to the bonnet and the windshield. The car left the area and we did not locate it.”

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