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Guatemalan Cattle Ranchers Build Road in Chiquibul

Anthony Velasquez

Guatemalan Cattle Ranchers Build Road in Chiquibul

Guatemalans have also built a road into the Chiquibul Forest. That road originates from across the border, and it is highly believed that it was commissioned by wealthy cattle ranchers living in Guatemalan towns. The Belize Defence Force is also aware of the threats this road poses, and plans are being put in place to destroy it. Deputy Commander Colonel Anthony Velasquez says they are keeping a close eye on the area.


Col. Anthony Velasquez, Deputy Commander, B.D.F.

“On the 7th of March, a patrol of Beliz Defense Force soldiers was tasked to go into this area to do a reconnaissance and it was it was discovered that, yes, there’s a road that extends well over a one kilometer into Belizean territory.  And it’s a road that was cleared by heavy machinery, so it’s a pretty open road.  Since then, the Belize Defense Force has been monitoring the area. We have sent patrols to the area to keep a close eye on the area, to monitor any movements in the area and to detained anyone found in the area. So we have we have a presence there at the moment to monitor this road. Another thing that we did was to get grid references for this road and send it to our Ministry of National Defense and Border Security where they will send it to Ministry of Foreign Affairs  and Ministry of Foreign Affairs will send it to the Organization of American States here in Belize the office and they will do a verification  of the area and of the grid references to verify that it is in Belizean territory.  Thereafter, after that verification is complete,  we will then have options on whether to, on how we can go about destroying the road or limiting access to the road by anyone in the area.”


Hipolito Novelo

“When you say that there would be the need for verification that is simply a process, a procedural thing, because we know it’s in Chiquibul. We know that part of it is in Belize territory.”


Col. Anthony Velasquez

“Yes, it’s within Belizean territory. However, it’s part of the confidence building measure sent by Belize and Guatemala. Anything one kilometer within our territory, we have to inform the OAS so they can do a verification  to ensure that it is in Belizean territory. And thereafter, we will take measures to destroy this road”


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