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Government Social Workers Salary Increase Still Pending

Dolores Balderamos- Garcia

Government Social Workers Salary Increase Still Pending

Government social workers were promised that they would receive a salary increase about six months ago. But that commitment is yet to be realized. So, what has been the hold up? That’s what reporters asked Dolores Balderamos Garcia, the Minister of Human Development. She says it is taking a little longer than expected but should be granted within the next two months.


Dolores Balderamos- Garcia, Minister of Human Development

“I have to agree that it has taken some time to be rolled out. I think Cabinet approved the pay scale raise, not just a raise of pay. Social workers of the ministry of Human Development have not received a pay scale increase, something like 2002 and so I am so happy to once again be the minister of human development. I was back in ‘98 to 2003 and we have not had a pay scale increase since then. So I was very humbled and proud that we put in place that pay scale raise. Now, the ministry of public service they have to do their adjustments in those pay scales. Sometimes it takes a little longer than we expect but I know it is coming on stream shortly. So I will say that within another two months we should see the full adjustment so that social workers can be granted the level of pay that other people get.”


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