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Garifuna Language Embraced By the Education Sector

Dian Maheia

Garifuna Language Embraced By the Education Sector

Trying to salvage a dying culture or language can sometimes be easier said than done, particularly because youths are often adapting to other more modernized ways of communicating and interacting. So when we heard that the introduction of Garifuna language in government schools in the south has not only drawn the interest of the students who are Garinagu, but also those of other ethnicities, it showed that teaching that language in those schools may be the way to retrieve that part of the rich Garifuna culture that we all celebrate. C.E.O. in the Ministry of Education, Dian Maheia told News Five today that there is good news to report in that regard.


Dian Maheia, C.E.O., Ministry of Education

“This is a program that they are piloting with nine schools between Stann Creek and Toledo District – primary schools, correct. And the idea is to, of course – this initiative is intended to save the Garifuna language, to ensure the continued use of the Garifuna language. Language is living when you use it, right, so they want to make sure that happens. They have a full program that includes support for teachers. It’s a planned program for rollout in the schools, and the work that has been happening over the past few months shows that it’s been successfully received. It’s being well implemented, even in students who are not Garinagu students. So that’s been an interesting component to look at, right? So we were really happy to learn more about it, to engage. What we see suggests that have we every reason, every confidence that this can be well rolled out, implemented. And yeah, we’re looking forward to seeing this bring more holistic development to the students who are impacted.”

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