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Francis Fonseca Says Foreign Affairs Portfolio is Nothing New

Francis Fonseca Says Foreign Affairs Portfolio is Nothing New

Following the last House Meeting in December 2023, Senator Eamon Courtenay, who served as the country’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, announced his departure from Cabinet and returning to private life. Courtenay, who has served in that capacity since the P.U.P. won the general elections in November 2020, is now working at his law firm. The government announced soon after that his replacement is the Minister of Education, Science, Technology, and Culture, Francis Fonseca, who has officially taken on the added portfolio. Today, News Five asked Fonseca how he is adjusting to the new assignment. He told us that he has acted in that capacity already, and with Courtenay’s guidance, the task should be doable.


Via phone: Francis Fonseca, Minister of Foreign Affairs

“I certainly did not seek this position. I certainly am honoured to take on the responsibility for our nation’s foreign affairs and foreign trade. I’m doing so, as you know, in addition to my continuing responsibilities for education, culture, science and technology. So, you know, I fully appreciate the critical importance of these duties and responsibilities to believe this national development and our future. You know, I certainly want to place on record, on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, our deep gratitude to the outgoing Foreign Minister, Senator Courtney, who of course, over the past few years has led that ministry with absolute distinction, strong leadership, tremendous experience. In my view, [he is] the most effective foreign minister Belize has had certainly over the past 25 years, and as you said, he has offered his support and guidance and I certainly welcome that and fully support his continued engagement and certainly his leadership on behalf of Belize in respect of matters ongoing before the ICJ. As Foreign Minister, I will of course be fully briefed and involved in all discussions and decisions taken regarding the I.C.J., as I have over the past few years. Senator Courtney has kept me fully informed. When he has travelled, I have served already over the past year as the Acting Foreign Minister, so, you know, I certainly understand the role and responsibilities that come with these additional duties.”

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