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Five Million for Housing is “Unacceptable” says Housing Minister

Julius Espat

Five Million for Housing is “Unacceptable” says Housing Minister

The Government of Belize has allocated five million dollars to construct low-income homes for Belizean families. During its campaign leading up to the 2020 general elections, the Briceño administration committed to building ten thousand homes. Three years into their term and just over two hundred homes have been constructed and handed over. That is a far cry from ten thousand homes. And, with five million dollars earmarked this year, Julius Espat, the Minister of Infrastructure Development and Housing, says five million dollars for housing from a one point five-billion-dollar budget is unacceptable.


Julius Espat, Minister of Infrastructure & Housing

“I believe and I am so happy that the member from Queen Square believes that we have not. Ih wah hurt mih heart fih say it, but I agree with the member from Mesop that we wanted more budget for housing. Ah the tell yo, because I have to not because I want. We should lobby the Ministry of Finance that we receive more funds to be able to help the people get shelters over their heads. If we don’t do that the haves will be happy that they believe the have-nots should get. They lobby, mek deh guh dah the bank. Just don’t say it when I am around, because when I am around I will tell them, but how will they go to the bank to get money? They don’t have no jobs, they are single mothers, deh the struggle, they don’t have an opportunity in life, some of them are disabled. You are setting them up to fail. You know they come with their briefcase and say you can go to the bank. You can go to the bank, but the people we help cannot go to the bank. So it is our job and many members here believe in it. I am the only one that voices it often; we need more budget for the housing.”



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