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Fight at Tabu Nightclub Leaves More Questions Than Answers

Chester Williams

Fight at Tabu Nightclub Leaves More Questions Than Answers

A fight inside Tabu Nightclub in San Ignacio on Sunday morning resulted in the arrest of forty-two-year-old Rajiv Mehmi, the proprietor of the establishment.  Police report that they responded to the location and saw Mehmi who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.  Mehmi reportedly approached the officers and shoved him in the chest.  A search of the businessman yielded a firearm which he was asked to produce a license for.  He then, reportedly, said he needed to call his wife to locate the license.  The call was instead placed to the officers’ superiors back at the station who instructed them to release Mehmi and return his firearm.  When Mehmi was given the firearm, he allegedly loaded the weapon and raised it in the officer’s direction before insulting him.  Here’s more from ComPol Chester Williams.


Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

“That’s a matter that I find extremely troubling and I explained that this morning to officers in conference that I do not endorse the actions of the O.C. in terms of releasing the man.  Yes, the man has a story that is inconsistent with what the officers are saying.  He was already in custody, they could have arrested and verified which of the two sides were not telling the truth and then, based on that, make a determination.  But for the O.C. to have just ordered that the man be released without even investigating to see whether or not he‘s telling the truth or the officers are telling the truth, I find that to be extremely wrong and I told that to Mr. Franco this morning in conference.  I have since directed that they put together an investigative team because I am sure that the liquor establishment has cameras and should be able to pick up what exactly transpired, as well as the police station also has cameras that should pick up what transpired.  So I have directed the Western Regional Commander to ensure that the investigative team goes to these different locations, retrieve the camera footage, look at it and based on that, we‘re going to make a determination.  Now, in terms of the man being intoxicated or believed to have been intoxicated while in possession of a firearm then by all means my policy is, and I am extremely strict where that is concerned, that the firearm should have been confiscated by the police and the proper investigation conducted and maybe even go to the extent of charging him for being in possession of a firearm whilst under the influence.  That was not done and again, I have an issue with that.”

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