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Fifty Million Dollar Grant Approved For Belize

Osmond Martinez

Fifty Million Dollar Grant Approved For Belize

The Green Climate Fund is the world’s largest climate fund developed as a part of the historic Paris Agreement. It aims to mobilize funding to support developing countries to achieve their ambitions towards ensuring low emissions and climate resilience. Belize has received a fifty-million-dollar grant that will be used for the protection of the country’s environment. C.E.O. Osmond Martnez explained the significance.


Dr. Osmond Martinez, Minister of Economic Development

“Recently a fifty million dollars project was approved through the Green Climate Fund, and it’s the first of its kind. And what is important with that project is that is a grant, meaning free money for Belize.  And there is no condition that they have asked us to give anything at the contrary. We are fighting for climate finance justice for our country, because Belize have done very well in terms of protection of the environment which means that the protection of the environment helps us in terms of turning carbon dioxide into oxygen and which keeps people alive. Therefore, Belize is a carbon sink country, but for generations, no, or for centuries, Belize has been a carbon sink country. And Belize didn’t receive any dollar or benefit for it. Now, we are saying, listen, through The Green Climate Fund Belize must get big projects, which will benefit the Belizean people.”


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