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Family of Liston Williams Ask for Peace

Liston Williams

Family of Liston Williams Ask for Peace

On Monday, we reported on the unfortunate passing of twenty-six-year-old Liston Williams. The father of two was killed on March sixteenth, while he was just moments away from his home on Madam Liz Avenue. In an interview, police revealed that the murder was committed by an associate of Williams and that a suspect was in police custody. Today, we spoke with Williams’ family, who said that they hope no more violence will come out of the situation.


On the phone: Fade Williams

                 On the phone: Fade Williams

On the phone: Fade Williams, Sister of Victim

“So, yeah, we tek it hard, but we have to accept it for what it is. We have to accept it for what it is, and just move on and we just want to bury we brother inna peace. And whatever happens, when he dead, we just want that stay weh dat deh and we wah left everything to God.”


Britney Gordon

“Have you been in contact with the police or anything?”


Fade Williams

“No really get in contact with no police or nothing. We just wah whateva happen stay deh. We noh get nothing from the police, so we no know nothing about it. We noh know nothing much about it.  All we know ney kill, ney shoot ah and that da mi it. Weh have, all weh we have da ih kids ney in memory.”



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