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“False Statistics as Accomplishments”, Barrow on Budget

Moses “Shyne” Barrow

“False Statistics as Accomplishments”, Barrow on Budget

Barrow went on to counter the Briceño administration’s claims of economic growth. He contended that the Government of Belize has been presenting false statistics to Belizeans and that it has not realized any economic accomplishments that supersedes the performance of the former U.D.P. administration. Here is how he puts it.


Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition

“Before the worst crisis of our generation the debt was at sixty one percent of GDP under the barrow administration which is lower than this government had in 2022 when they were at sixty-three percent and only two percent higher is the 2023 fifty-nine percent. The lies and deception needs to stop, it does the people of Belize no good when the government projects these false statistics as accomplishments rather than accept the reality, own up to where you are, your performance and understand and appreciate that it has been less than spectator, it has been in some instance average, on par with what the UDP government was able to accomplish and in most instances, less. As the next government of Belize the UDP will not engage in this silly statistical game of deceit. The UDP will give honest assessments to the public so we can meet our targets and realize our full potential. On thing UDP governments have proven is that we know how to manage debt and grow the economy. That is why the people of Belize elected us for thirteen years. Three consecutive terms.”


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