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Faber Anticipates a U.D.P. Victory at the Polls

Patrick Faber

Faber Anticipates a U.D.P. Victory at the Polls

As far as tomorrow’s municipal elections, Faber says he is optimistic that the United Democratic Party will make inroads across various cities and towns, ahead of a victory at the polls during the 2025 general elections.


Patrick Faber, Area Representative, Collet

“I have had the opportunity to visit with some of the teams across the country.  I’ve not gone north but I’ve certainly been south and west and I feel as optimistic as I do about the Belize City team with those teams as well.  I feel that we have, in those areas as well, excellent slates and I am looking forward to an early count.  I think that the fact that they are counting boxes simultaneously should produce an early result in most of these elections and it’s not going to be, hopefully, like those years gone by where dawn is breaking and we still don’t know who is the winner in some of these municipalities.  I think it will be early tomorrow and I look forward to celebrating with my UDP colleagues that victory and to mark the improvement, if you will, but the steps forward in bringing back the United Democratic Party to the government, the national government of Belize.  I hope that the results tomorrow will be an impetus for Prime Minister Briceño to call the elections.”

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