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Effective Policing on Elections Day

Chester Williams

Effective Policing on Elections Day

The 2024 municipal elections were held across the country one week ago and, for the most part, it went without any major incidents. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams attributes this to the hard work of his police officers. He says that while there were some minor incidents that occurred, the quick response of police officers prevented anything major from happening. He thanked all those policemen and women that worked diligently on that day.


Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

“I must take this opportunity to commend the police officers country wide for the exceptional job done during the election process. We live in a free and democratic process and as such the election must be free, fair and those persons who go to cast their vote must do so in a safe environment. So we the police make sure to provide that environment for them. Yes, there were a few incidents, minor incidents, but the police were quick to be on the ball and were able to defuse those incidents before they escalated to persons being injured or whatever. So again, kudos to the officers who went out and did their utmost best to make sure the election went through without any incidents.”


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