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Educating Youths To Become Markert Leaders With Technology

Leeroy Almendarez

Educating Youths To Become Markert Leaders With Technology

This strategy seeks to create gateways for Belizeans to become conversation leaders in the science field. This includes providing opportunities for Belizeans to elevate their careers through the use of science. Dr. Leeroy Almendarez, Executive Director of BELTRAIDE explained how the implementation of this strategy can help business owners develop their brands.


Dr. Leeroy Almendarez, Executive Director, BELTRAIDE

“BELTRAIDE deals a lot with MSMEs. It deals with innovation. It does deal with investment. It deals with export development. And of course, we have a training center. And so the role we play in technological development, for example, for MSMEs, for those in that space to become more competitive, there is a need for adaptation to technology, and latest technology. A number of the projects we are undertaking through the IDB, one of them being digitalization of MSMEs to make them more competitive. We also have been launching digital connect centers in partnership with the UNDP to bridge the digital divide. And if you can bridge the digital divide, then it means absence of information, you’re not disadvantaged. You’re able to participate in the whole digital communication.  And so this is important for us in terms of innovation. We continue to remind entrepreneurs sometimes it just takes a little bit of differentiation to your service or product that you’re offering to make you more competitive.  And so as you adapt to innovation, making things different, coming up with new ideas, because that’s how you become leaders within the market. The more innovative you are, you become a market leader, and others have to follow you.”


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