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Dangriga Man Murdered While Socializing

Delroy Menzies

Dangriga Man Murdered While Socializing

One man is dead following a shooting in Dangriga. Thirty-three-year-old Delroy Menzies relocated from Belize City to Dangriga five years ago. In October, he moved into the area where he was killed, along with his partner. On Thursday night, Menzies, his partner and a close friend of his were at Kulcha Kitchen on Plum Street. That is where they spent most evenings socializing. But, on Thursday night the unexpected happened. A gunman walked up to Menzies outside the business establishment and shot him in cold blood. Tonight, family and friends of the deceased are reeling from the loss, as they try to put together the pieces. News Five’s Paul Lopez reports.


Paul Lopez, Reporting


Thirty-two-year-old Delroy Menzies, a father of one, lost his life to gunshot injuries he sustained on Thursday night while socializing. Menzies, his partner and the owner of Kulcha Kitchen were sitting down outside the establishment, as they do daily, when a gunman approached them. He opened fire and an injured Menzies fell to the ground.


Voice of: Friend

                          Voice of: Friend

Voice of: Friend of the Deceased

 “I was outside and Delly and my cousin which is his girlfriend and someone came to order a food and I get up go inside to get the food and as I reach inside I hear three gunshot and when I came outside, my cousin mih the bawl and I noticed that Delly get shot. So I called nine one one, I called the police.”


We spoke with Menzies’ cousin off camera.  She told us the family is still without a clear picture of what transpired on Thursday night outside Kulcha Kitchen.


Voice of: Cousin

                     Voice of: Cousin

Voice of: Cousin of Deceased

“We try to put the pieces together because nobody gets the true picture as yet.

Somebody call and tell we what happened so up to now the police still nuh she nothing, suh we just have to go by what the police the do. It is very hard and it hurt very bad because it puts pain in everybody heart, not lonely his mother but everybody who loves and respects him and the community itself.




Shortly before the gunman approached Menzies, a group of men drove past and uttered some words at him. But, his friend says that they didn’t sense any danger from those comments.


Voice of: Friend of Deceased 

“Yes I mih the yah and a vehicle just pass and she hold your gial tight and that is it. I ask dah who and he said he doesn’t know who it is. I don’t know who it is, so we don’t know.


Paul Lopez

When you heard that and heard remarks coming from that vehicle that didn’t raise any suspicions from you at the time?”


Voice of: Friend of Deceased 

“No because we nuh the think nothing. We just sit down and continue talk. We nuh the think nothing, he nuh the think nothing, cause he she he nuh know dah who. So we nuh the think nothing like that.


During our interview with Menzies’ friend, a police mobile drove by with two men in the pan of the vehicle. News Five confirmed that the men are persons of interest in Menzies’ murder.



Voice of: Friend of Deceased

The body was on the ground for like two hours and change and the police didn’t want  anybody to take him to the hospital and everybody the ask take the man to hospital. Deh she deh cant touch the body, nobody could take ah dah hospital. We deh ask well, if yo lef wah person fuh dead, if dah unu, you mih wah want deh ker yo dah hospital right?



Reporting for News 5, I am Paul Lopez 

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