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Dangriga Businessman Shot Dead at his Home in Dangriga

Dangriga Businessman Shot Dead at his Home in Dangriga

Tonight, a businessman from Dangriga is dead after gun violence visited him at his home on Saturday night. And while police say he was party to a few court matters over business transactions, and have detained several persons, they are still looking for the suspect who pulled the trigger on Darren Taylor. The forty-three-year-old co-owner of A&D’s Car Rental collapsed and died at his Oak Street residence moments after he was shot. News Five’s Marion Ali went on that story and filed this report.


Marion Ali, Reporting

Forty-three-year-old Darren Taylor, also known as “Dalla Coin” was gunned down at forty-four Oak Street, in Dangriga. On Saturday night around seven-thirty, Taylor was here on his veranda talking to a friend when his killer approached them from the back of the yard. But at the sight of the gun, the friend ran off, but Taylor could not flee and was shot in the upper body. News Five understands that he was waiting on the veranda waiting for his common-law-wife to arrive with the house key when he was ambushed. Today, ACP Hilberto Romero said that police are looking for one suspect.


Hilberto Romero

                       Hilberto Romero

ACP Hilberto Romero, Regional Cmdr., Eastern Division

“On Saturday, the 13th of April, police responded to a shooting at Oak Street, Dangriga, where upon arrival the saw the motionless body of Darren Taylor, 43 years, with several gunshot injuries. Information is he was at the veranda of his house when a male person came and fired shots towards him. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. We are seeking one suspect in regards to this murder.”


One of the bullets struck Taylor’s SUV that was parked in the yard. His family has declined comment, but a few off-camera reports that we have picked up about Taylor suggest that he has had some conflicts over land and money issues. ACP Romero spoke to this.


ACP Hilberto Romero

“He had several matters in the courts as well as outside of the courts that he was dealing with, so we’re looking at all of those. All information we have is over business dealings. That is the information we are following up on.”

Police have detained several persons, but they do not believe they have the gunman at this point. Meanwhile, Dangriga Mayor, Robert Mariano is concerned over the fact that the community has been visited by gun violence once again.


Robert Mariano

                       Robert Mariano

Robert Mariano, Mayor, Dangriga

“All I want to say at this time is that I along with the council condemn any form of violence as such, like murder and so on within our community here in Dangriga. What we need to do in our community is to find ways to deal with our issues whenever they arise but that is all I can say for now in relation to that shooting because I do not have the facts. Dangriga is a very peaceful community, and I want to ask the people of Dangriga to let us remain that way, to be as peaceful as we can and to continue to be law-abiding citizens.”


Taylor was reportedly co-owner of A & D Car Rentals and several of other properties in that municipality. Marion Ali for News Five.

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