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ComPol Williams Discusses Violence in Southern Mexico

ComPol Williams Discusses Violence in Southern Mexico

On the home front, Belizean authorities met earlier today to discuss citizen and national security in the face of mounting cartel aggression in southern Mexico.  With concerns being raised among business owners in the Corozal Free Zone, as well as travelers, and residents near the northern border, the security apparatus came together this morning to discuss a strategy should the violence seep into northern Belize.  Commissioner of Police Chester Williams spoke with the media this afternoon.


Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

“I guess by now the information coming out of Chetumal has been widespread within the Belizean population and there is some cause for concern by Belizeans in the event that what is happening there may trickle into Belize.  And while we can look at the information coming out of there as reliable, there is also some that is not reliable.  We know how your colleagues in the media can be at times, but as the security apparatus of the country it is important that we meet and so we met this morning to discuss our strategy in terms of how we are going to address the issues locally.  There is no cause for concern or alarm as there is no information at this time to indicate that any of the players from Chetumal have or is coming into the country.  But just as a means of precaution, to give the Belizean people that sense of safety and security, we met to discuss how we’re going to deploy our resources in the northern area and to see how we can reorganize our current northern operations to make sure that we can cover as much ground as we can.  Our team, police and BDF, remains extremely vigilant along the irregular border crossing, as well as the regular border crossing.  So there is where we are at this time.”

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