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ComPol Wants SOE Extended

Chester Williams

ComPol Wants SOE Extended

With these recent incidents in southside Belize City, Police Commissioner Chester Williams says that the state of emergency needs to be extended for a longer period and expanded to the PIV gang area. He says that officers have been arresting men in that area believed to be gang members since Wednesday night.


Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police
“There are gang members who are involved in this matter. The suspects are from the PIV gang area. And you will know that when the SOE began, I had said that even though Martins, was a part of the proclamation we would not go after marathons, but as they were behaving. This has now changed that picture, and so certainly, we will have to deal with those persons from the PIV and  they have to form part of the SOE. Again, I am pushing, to see if we can have the SOE extended for the simple fact that we believe that some of these young men have still not really gotten the message, and we need more time to be able to properly investigate those persons who are under the SOE.  The one month period would not, would not suffice. So, I’m seeking to see if we can get it extended for another month.”


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