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ComPol Chester Williams: “I would have shot him.” 

ComPol Chester Williams: "I would have shot him." 

ComPol Chester Williams: “I would have shot him.” 

One man remains hospitalised following a stabbing incident that occurred on Friday night on Central American Boulevard in Belize City.

The incident was the result of an altercation between two men, thirty-seven-year-old Jermaine Grant and forty-two-year-old Windel Anthony. Grant received cuts near the left eye and abrasions to the head.

The incident was caught on camera. The public criticised the police officers who were at the scene for failing to properly control the situation.

When asked about it today, Police Commissioner Chester Williams told reporters that he would not say that the officers did not perform their duties the way they should.

“Sometimes, no matter the training you have, when you confront a situation, you tend to forget that training and you just do what you believe can be done in that instance.”

Williams says he would have shot the man.

“If it were me, from the mere fact that the individual had stabbed the person, the person is on the ground, and he is constantly going after the person and trying to finish off that person, I would have shot him.”

The police officers at the scene had weapons. Williams applauded them for exceeding great restraint.



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