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Commandant Bennett: “This is our very best”

Rear Admiral Elton Bennett

Commandant Bennett: “This is our very best”

The Canadian training initiative is designed to prepare CARICOM troops for deployment to support the efforts of the Haitian National Police (HNP) in restoring security for the people of Haiti. According to Commandant Bennett, the men sent for the training are the best that Belize has to offer.


Rear Admiral Elton Bennett, Commandant, Belize Coast Guard

“The guys that are deploying from the Belize Coast Guard. This is our very best These are members of the coast guard special operations group. They’re the best that we have to offer for high risk operations . So they are very well trained. They have been exposed in the region doing exercises, special forces exercises in Jamaica for the past two years. Last year they had the opportunity to go into Columbia to do exercise along with the different maritime forces in the region. So the exposure is there. This will be our very first operational duty.  So we can only  prepare these men at the best that we can. And, and in this case, the Canadian military is there to help us to prepare them with training and to ensure that they are mentally prepared to go into a situation like this.  But we have all confidence that these guys are, are very well prepared to want to take this training and to be prepared for the level of operations that they could possibly be involved with.”

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