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Chetumal Businesses Concerned About Belize’s Tourist Advisory  

Kareem Musa

Chetumal Businesses Concerned About Belize’s Tourist Advisory  

Considering the recent spike in cartel-related violence in Chetumal the Government of Belize issued a statement advising Belizeans to exercise caution when traveling across the northern border. Amir Padilla Espadas, President of the private sector organization, Canaco Chetumal, has expressed concern over the potential harm to Chetumal’s local economy, as Belizean commerce is a major contributor. In an interview with Minister of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries, Kareem Musa was asked about the advisory.


Britney Gordon

“In regards to the Chetumal situation, Canaco Chetumal, the president said that with the warning issued recently by the government advising Belizeans to take caution when going, he had wanted that to be removed as it’s affecting Tourism to the country. Can you comment on that?”


Kareem Musa, Minister, Home Affairs & New Growth Industries

“That is a matter for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Having done their consultation with our embassy in Mexico City, as well as liaising with our counterparts, our Mexican representatives here in Belize. And that decision was taken. And for an update on that, you would need to ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

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