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CARICOM Investigates Potential Gang Franchises  

Atlee Rodney

CARICOM Investigates Potential Gang Franchises  

Recently, concerns arose over the possibility of gang franchises establishing themselves across the Caribbean. Lieutenant colonel Michael Jones, head of the CARICOM Implementation Agency for Crime and Security, said that these franchises often have ties to members of the Caribbean diaspora, who facilitate the entry of illegal weapons into the region. It is suspected that many of these gangs venture into smaller islands under the guise of music performers. We asked president of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police, Atlee Rodney about this investigation. Here is his response.


Atlee Rodney, President, AACP

“What I can say it’s one of our leading intelligence agency, the Caricom IMPACS, and we are paying attention to it. Hearing that information is out there now. We are paying attention to it because within all the Caribbean islands, there are normally some fets. There are normally some shows. There are normally some activities of that nature. So we are not taking that information lightly, and we are going to pay attention to The players involved, the organizers and the performers and see what we can discover from that, but we are mindful of it and we will be taking it seriously.”

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