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Caribbean gangs setting up ‘franchises’ around the region

Caribbean gangs setting up ‘franchises’ around the region

Caribbean gangs setting up ‘franchises’ around the region

The Caymen Compass is reporting that powerful Caribbean gangs are establishing ‘franchises’. They are using music promoters and performers as a front for their illegal activities, which include drug trafficking, gun smuggling, and human trafficking.

The article says that these powerful gangs are now venturing into smaller islands, introducing unprecedented levels of violence in communities previously untouched by such serious criminal activities. Lieutenant Colonel Michael Jones, head of the CARICOM Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACSemphasised that these criminal networks often have ties to Caribbean nationals residing in the United States, who facilitate the influx of weapons into the region.

Caribbean gangs setting up ‘franchises’ around the region

Container checks in the Bahamas as part of Operation Trigger. – Photo: Interpol media

There is a growing sophistication and transnational nature of these criminal groups, stressing the need for law enforcement to match this development to effectively combat organised crime. He warned that the fractured nature of policing across over 30 island nations and territories spanning 1,000 square miles of open sea is being exploited by criminals.

To tackle this challenge, Jones emphasised the necessity of enhanced coordination and cooperation among Caribbean nations, potentially including the establishment of a pan-Caribbean coast guard.

Jones emphasised that transnational organised crime involves a close connection between arms trafficking, drug smuggling, gang activities, and human trafficking throughout the region. He pointed out evidence of gangs composed of multiple nationalities and diaspora groups associated with specific countries, operating in coordination across borders.

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