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CABEI Talks Hospitals and Port of Belize Expansions  

Osmond Martinez

CABEI Talks Hospitals and Port of Belize Expansions  

Belize received approval for the Korean Economic Development Corporation Fund, and under that eligibility, a team of consultants from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration, CABEI, visited the country last week. The purpose of the visit was to conduct feasibility studies for proposed projects. These studies focused on the rehabilitation and possible expansion of three hospitals across the country, as well as a study to address the need for modernizing the Port of Belize and the feasibility of a bulk port in the country to encourage exportation. We spoke with the Minister of Economic Development, Doctor Osmond Martinez, to learn how these consultations went.


Dr. Osmond Martinez, Minister of Economic Development

“The preliminary findings from Punta Gorda Hospital and the preliminary results are saying that Punta Gorda needs new equipment, they need more medical presence, medical doctors there, but also a facility where to host the medical experts, in this case, for example, to build apartments for them or a housing system where they can stay. As it comes to KHMH, they are working very closely with the CEO of KHMH. And in or in as well they’re the preliminary results are not so far, but, Punta Gorda is the one who is a little bit ahead is a priority for the government to work in Punta Gorda and to strengthen the health system there as soon as possible. The Port of Belize, they’re just looking at the TOR, and so they are having discussions with the different stakeholders and developing the TOR for feasibility studies, but there have been a lot of studies on the port and so one of the things that we don’t want is more studies, we want solutions and to help solve whatever problem can come out from there, but more important is to have a bulk port in the future where we can position ourself as a regional hub because Belize is in very good position in terms of serving the south of Mexico, especially Quintanaroo and the Yucatan peninsula.  And at the same time, we can easily become. The hope for the Caribbean in certain products, especially when it comes with the movement of products that comes from Mexico or even from Guatemala. In addition to that there is  a very strangling right now in terms of economic, regional economic integration, and Belize has to position itself well. And geographically, we are well positioned to be part of the development that it will happen in the Pacific corridor, which will be connecting the Atlantic Ocean, which means that Belize can easily serve as a hope for a cargo distribution into the Caribbean, but also serve the southern part of Mexico.”

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