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Businessman Alistair King Passes Away

Businessman Alistair King Passes Away

Alistair King passed away over the weekend after fighting a long illness. King was instrumental in the development of Fabrigas, known for providing oxygen to hospitals and to people who need. He was also known for his interest in conducting oil exploration in southern Belize, through U.S Capital Energy Company. News Five spoke today with Mike Peyrefitte who worked closely with King’s company in those days.

Via phone: Michael Peyrefitte, Worked closely with King’s U.S. Capital Energy Company

When I got the news on Saturday night from his family that he didn’t have much time left, my heart certainly sank. I know Mr. King was ill for a while, but even though you accept that certain things are eventualities, there’s nothing like when you face it in real time. And when I got the call from his family that he had passed away, needless to say, it was a very sad moment. Mr. King was a good man, a very decent man, hardworking, family-oriented, and humble individual. To say that we have lost a giant is an understatement, and Belize certainly has lost one of its most outstanding sons. I got the privilege to work with Mr. King in several capacities, most notably with U.S. Capital. And especially when it came to U. S. Capital, I worked with him closely in that regard because of him and not necessarily just because of the compact. I wanted to help him. I know his intentions were pure. His heart was in the right place. And one of the very, very few successful businesspeople who are always very above board and decent. He never wanted to cut a corner. He never wanted to go around any rule or regulation. He never approached me at any time for anything untoward. Just a proper, decent person who wanted hard work to prevail. He believed very much in working hard. I’m going to be doing things the proper way and making sure that success was not just big success, but good success.

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