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BPM Asks High Court to Enforce Redistricting Consent Order  

Arthur Saldivar

BPM Asks High Court to Enforce Redistricting Consent Order  

The Belize Peace Movement is asking the High Court to enforce the 2022 Redistricting Consent Order. Since the order was issued, the Redistricting Task Force has made one proposal that has been rejected by the House of Representatives. According to attorney Arthur Saldivar, there has been no new proposal since then. So, on Wednesday, May twenty-second, the Belize Peace Movement will bring the matter before the High Court once again in an attempt to ensure that the exercise is completed before the next general elections.


Arthur Saldivar, Attorney at Law

“The elections and boundaries commission agreed that the present schedule is unconstitutional. That is recorded in a consent order. They have subsequently put together a task force and produced a document call a proposal which was to remedy the unconstitutionality of that schedule. But after much monies had been spent and time passing, their proposal had not even broached the threshold of the parliament for debate. So, we are still where we were at the beginning of this process with an election looming and an unconstitutional schedule. We go to court on the twenty-second of this month, next week Wednesday, that is to have the court look at the consent order and seek to enforce it. I don’t know why we must do this. I believe every person in parliament can read. I believe every person in elections and boundaries can read and knew exactly what it was they were agreeing to, so why now is it you behave worst than children without understanding when there Is something so important as the democracy and sanctity of the democracy at stake.”

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