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BPD Assures Citizen Security on Elections Day

Kareem Musa

BPD Assures Citizen Security on Elections Day

On Wednesday, we also asked Home Affairs Minister Kareem Musa about Martinez’s concerns.  While he gave his assurance that things will go smoothly, a lot has changed overnight with the slaying of Troy Hyde.  Earlier today, we also sought a comment from Commissioner of Police Chester Williams in the wake of the deadly shootings.


Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs

“In all areas of Belize City, not just by Excelsior, but we are, of course, on high alert in all areas of Belize City and so we do not expect any form of violence whatsoever.”


Isani Cayetano

“The former area rep for Port Loyola had brought some concerns with respect of the polling station, ahead of the municipals, and the fact that it would seem as if though two rival gangs would be in close contact with each other in the Faber’s Road area.  What assurances can be given for the police department to be present on Elections Day in that particular location?”


Chester Williams

                                Chester Williams

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Belize

“Well, the issue of polling stations is one that falls within the purview of the Chief Elections Officer and not the police.  Certainly, in terms of the policing of the polling station on Election Day is the duty of the police and we will do what we must do and what we normally do around election time to ensure that there is sufficient security in the area to allow every voter to go to the polling station and cast their vote without any impediment and so we will be in the area to make sure we do what needs to be done.”

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