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“Boots” Martinez Tells Chief Elections Officer to “Do Your Job”  

Anthony “Boots” Martinez

“Boots” Martinez Tells Chief Elections Officer to “Do Your Job”  

According to Martinez, this morning he delivered packages to Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai, the Office of the Governor General, and the Office of the Attorney General. Martinez says that he has acquired an affidavit from one hundred and eighteen individuals whose signatures were rejected. He says that those declarations were placed in the packages, along with the letter from his attorney.


Anthony “Boots” Martinez, Former Area Rep., Port Loyola

We undertook to start to revisit, I revisited along with the justice of the peace, various of them to present my copy of the petition, attach to the affidavit, affirming, do you recognize this signature? Yes sir, did you sign? Yes sir, and then I would like you to read the declaration and sign that you did sign the petition and that is what happened. So, this morning we delivered a list, apart from the letter from the attorney, a list to the chief elections and boundaries officer, a list of a hundred and eighteen people who have signed the declaration stating they signed the petition. What we have along with the declaration is a copy of people valid ID. All we the say, we might nuh need fih waste the court time, do your job and we don’t need to waste the court time. In life, all of us err and we are not too big to say we err on this one. I saw this morning when I went to Belmopan to the Chief Elections and Boundaries Officer office I saw the sign, enhancing democracy, to me that is disenfranchising people in terms of democracy. I am sorry, I will not let this go.”

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