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On Wednesday night, we told you about an operation carried out by the Special Patrol Unit on an island off the coast of Belize City.  The organized action of the Belize Police Department to locate several gang members who fled from the Lake Independence area amid a state of emergency turned up more than just

Late this afternoon, Home Affairs Minister Kareem Musa touched briefly on the drugs and weapons bust carried out by the police department.  He says it is arguably the largest supply of illegal weapons confiscated by law enforcement that he has seen in recent history.  While Musa commended the S.P.U. officers for a job well done,

The existing state of emergency comes to an end next Friday, but Cabinet is discussing the likelihood of extending the SOE for a few more weeks.  Despite strong criticism regarding the effectiveness of the recent measure, the Minister of Home Affairs maintains that the SOE has been successful in ferreting out known gang members, as

Today, a man was handed a life sentence in prison with a fixed term of thirty years for the murder of thirty-nine-year-old Sandra Ruiz. He is thirty-seven-year-old Darrel Grant, who was convicted for the 2008 murder of the Belize City resident and mother of two. Reports are that Ruiz was inside her residence in Kings

Back in May 2023, Mario Bustillos, an exhibit keeper for the Belize Police Department, was slapped with ten charges of negligent harm after Belize City primary school children and an adult consumed cannabis-infused candies. Bustillos was accused of exceeding his authority by improperly disposing of the weed candies, which were labelled as found property. Bustillos

There was public outcry after Pinks Alley resident, Michael Usher was shot and left for dead on the sidewalk on Flamboyant Street, until an ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital. Residents of the area who showed up at the scene condemned the police for leaving the critically wounded victim there. Commissioner of Police,

Minister of Home Affairs, Kareem Musa, readily admitted that it would require additional training for police officers to know how to properly move and handle injured victims. But he does hold the personal view that victims should be transported as soon as possible for medical attention.   Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs “We have 2,300, now