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Belize takes steps away from oil and gas dependency  

Orlando Habet

Belize takes steps away from oil and gas dependency  

On Tuesday, Minister of Sustainable Development Orlando Habet officially declared Belize’s membership in the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance during a side event at the fourth annual Small Island Developing States Conference in Antigua and Barbuda. The SIDS Leadership on Global Just Transition from Fossil Fuels featured discussions between nations on how to make the shift away from a reliance on fossil fuels achievable. We asked Habet what this alliance entails.


Orlando Habet, Minister of Sustainable Development

“That Alliance is an alliance that’s looking at garnering support from countries that are really looking at how we can reduce the production,  but also the consumption of fossil fuels.  They have been in conversation with the ministry of energy. We are here at this meeting, but we didn’t have a direct contact with them until we reach here. So we had a conversation with them. I think that the ministry of energy had requested to join the alliance. So we participated in the meeting. Nothing has been signed as yet. So there’s nothing official. There’s still some conversation and discussions that have to occur around. What all that alliance will entail and also based on what other commitments or agreements would be signatory to that would have either positive or negative effect on joining that alliance.”

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