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Belize Participates in 6th UN Environment Assembly

Kenrick Williams

Belize Participates in 6th UN Environment Assembly

Chief Executive Officer, Doctor Kenrick Williams is in Nairobi, Kenya where he is attending the Sixth United Nations Environment Assembly.  For Belize, the assembly provides a space to update the global community on its national efforts to address environmental and climate issues.  Similarly, it serves as a platform to urge world leaders to deliver upon commitments and support developing states like Belize.


Dr. Kenrick Williams, C.E.O., Ministry of Sustainable Development

“Belize is pleased to present its highest commitment and dedication in tackling climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.  Since our last meeting at this assembly, Belize has been working arduously to meet its national, regional and international commitments.  With respect to climate change actions, Belize recently introduced the Climate Change and Carbon Markets Initiative Bill.  This legislation will set up structures and systems aimed at meeting our commitments under the UN, CCC and the Paris Agreement.  These achievements will additionally place Belize in a position to diversify its financing mechanism and enter the international carbon markets to finance our low emission resilient development.  Belize continues to be a net carbon sink which is due to its adequately conserved, managed and enhanced forest resources.  In line with our government’s Plan Belize Agenda, we have adopted a national forest restoration strategy which aligns with Belize’s pledges to the bond challenge where we commit to restoring a hundred and thirty thousand hectares by 2030. In line with the global biodiversity framework, Belize is now updating its national biodiversity strategy and action plan to continue to meet the urgent action of halting and reversing biodiversity loss and to put nature on a path to recovery.”

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