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BDF Capt. Honoured Best International Student at University of Guyana 

BDF Capt. Honoured Best International Student at University of Guyana 

BDF Capt. Honoured Best International Student at University of Guyana 

Marion Hernandez, a Belize national, who is currently completing his degree in Dental Surgery at the University of Guyana (UG), was recently honoured with the Best International Student award when the institution’s prestigious College of Medical Sciences hosted its annual awards and prize-giving exercise to recognise its top achievers.

In an interview with UG’s Department of Events, Conferences and Communication (DECC), Hernandez, who currently serves as a Captain in the Belize Defence Force, expressed that the award is more than just an academic achievement. “To me, this award symbolises the diverse experiences, cultures, and perspectives that enrich our campus community. It serves as a reminder that with hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellence, anything is possible,” the scholar said with much pride.

Reflecting on his journey thus far at UG, the Belizean explained: “The journey started in week one when I was selected as the class representative. Interestingly, no one knew I was an international student.” His leadership extended beyond the classroom as he held various roles, including Vice President of the UG Dental Students’ Association, President of the UG Dental Association, and Chairman of the International Student Affairs Committee.

The aspiring dentist noted that his passion for the sciences was evident from a young age, particularly during his secondary school years, when he delved deeply into biology. He detailed that as he got older, his interest in the medical field grew. He explained that about five years ago while observing the expansion of the Belize Defence Force’s hospital, he noticed a significant gap – a dental clinic without a dental surgeon. “I noticed a dental clinic devoid of a dental surgeon. Witnessing this gap sparked a deep-seated motivation within me to pursue dentistry, recognising the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to healthcare in my country,” he said.

BDF Capt. Awarded Best International Student Award at University of Guyana 

According to Hernandez, selecting the university to pursue his studies in Dental Surgery was an important decision, and there were several factors he had to consider before he made up his mind. Beaming with pride, he said that he is confident that he made the right decision by choosing to pursue his academic career at UG.

“Dentistry is a practical field that requires extensive hands-on experience,” he noted while expressing gratitude for the comprehensive clinical exposure and early immersion provided by UG’s School of Dentistry. This rigorous training he explained, is preparing him to offer quality dental care to members of the Belize Defence Force and the broader community.

The scholar’s advice to other students aspiring to excel academically and achieve international recognition is rooted in humility and openness. “Form study groups, seek help from your peers and professors, and use your setbacks as a guide to improve yourselves. Immerse yourself in the culture of your host country and take part in unique festivities. Remember, at the end of the day, we are all students with remarkable capabilities.”

The University of Guyana boasts over 60 diverse programmes, offering Certificate, Associate, Diploma, Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral Degrees at very affordable rates. With over 60 years of academic excellence, UG has assembled a world-class faculty dedicated to providing an exceptional educational experience. Welcoming students from around the globe, UG stands as the ideal university for quality and accessibility in higher education.

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