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Audrey Matura the Parent On Former B.H.S. Principal

Audrey Matura

Audrey Matura the Parent On Former B.H.S. Principal

Not only is Matura now the attorney representing Belize High School, she is also a parent at the private institution. As a parent, Matura spoke a bit more candidly about her experience with the former principal. Here is what she told us.


Audrey Matura, B.H.S. Parent

“Whatever miss Usher did as a leader, whatever passion she had, whatever work she did, that is the work she did. Nobody can take that away. So my personal objective and the objective o the board and members and staff is not discredit anyone as a professional. As a parent, my ultimate concern was that on the fourteenth of February Ms Usher sent out an email to all of us parents, she had been communicating to us parents before, parents of students going away on these trips that represent the school and my only regret was that on that on that morning when I woke up she had sent an email to me and all the other parents and unfortunately she made a decision to copy my child and all the other children in that email. I am speaking here as a parent now. I thought that was most inappropriate. There are certain things in that email I believe was confidential and certain things my child should have never read. I don’t believe that when adults have differences you bring in the child. I do a lot of family matters and as a parent I can tell you that I think it is most inappropriate to drag children through the battles of adults. For me, that could not fly.”

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