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Attorney Says Black-Outs Inconveniencing the Courts

Arthur Saldivar

Attorney Says Black-Outs Inconveniencing the Courts

Earlier in our newscast, we told you about convicted attorney Oscar Selgado’s court appearance.  He is being represented by attorney Arthur Saldivar who lays blame for delays at the courts on the frequent power outages. According to Saldivar, far beyond the heat, the court system relies on recording abilities to proceed with cases, and the interruptions in power supply have been an inconvenience.


Arthur Saldivar, Attorney for Oscar Selgado

“It’s very disturbing; it’s a matter of great concern. It should be a matter of great concern to every Belizean, especially the timing of these blackouts. During the day here at court, we are seeing where it’s inconveniencing the judiciary and the administration of justice. These matters have to be recorded, so it’s not a situation – it’s not a frivolous thing that is just the heat, but there’s a recording system that must be operational whenever these testimonies are given in mitigation and the submissions are made.”

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