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Are Maya Villages Distributing “Homemade” Land Titles to Residents?  

Justice Adrian Saunders

Are Maya Villages Distributing “Homemade” Land Titles to Residents?  

In response to Senior Counsel Marshalleck’s concern, Leslie Mendez, attorney for the Maya Leaders Alliance, told the court that her clients are open to organizing a meeting with government and those villages engaged in the distribution of homemade land titles. Mendez contended that these communities are well within their right to distribute residential lots and that the certificates are simply being used to formalize that process.


Leslie Mendez, Attorney for Maya Leaders Alliance

“As it concerns the home titles, we from our perspective we would definitely be open to supporting a meeting between the government and the village or villages that are participating in this. But I would make two observations, but I can only assume, but I believe that the Belizean logo with the coat of arms that my learned senior referred to I believe it is in fact being used in response to the sensitivity which the community would have with regards to the accusations of balkanization. I have seen it used very much, the organization also uses it, but the idea is certainly to ensure that what is being communicated is that this remains Belize and we remain under the jurisdiction of Belize. It is not intended to be any misrepresentation of your honor, so I would just make that observation. And the second observation that I would make is that the communities would have the right to distribute residential lots at this time and they have been distributing residential lots. These certificates are simply to try to formalize that process and give it some formality.”


Justice Winston Anderson, President, Caribbean Court of Justice 

“Because there is a connection between that activity and the delimitation exercise. And, as I understand it, last I was reading the report sent in, there is still some disagreement with that process. We seem to have moved away from the delimitation and moved to some circular scheme.”


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