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Are Cane Farmers’ Work Affected by “Blackouts”?  

Florencio Marin, Junior

Are Cane Farmers’ Work Affected by “Blackouts”?  

The recent power outages that have affected the areas of the country that are hooked up to the national grid have impacted almost every field of work, at least work that depends on power supply for lighting, cooling or processing purposes. But outdoor work has not been affected much – that is work that requires manual labour. Corozal Southeast Area Representative, Florencio Marin Junior, who represents cane farmers in the sugar belt, says that the recent outages have had little to no impact on their operations.



Florencio Marin, Junior, Area Representative, Corozal Southeast

“Remember it’s agriculture, noh, so they don’t really have that direct need to work. It is in the field, right. Now they’re mostly cutting their cane. Some have begun fertilizing their cane. You don’t really need much electricity for that operation.”

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